Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a storefront where customers can come shop for essential oil supplies?

No we do not. We are strictly an online store. This ensures that our overhead costs are kept low and we can offer great prices as well as shipping deals.

Do you offer free shipping?

YES we do! All orders over $50.00 will receive free shipping!

How can you offer free shipping on Rollerbottles? Aren't they expensive to ship?

Yes, they are incredibly expensive to ship! The reason we started this business was because we were tired of the high shipping costs on bottles. We wanted to offer an affordable option for everyone who uses and has businesses with essential oils. The reason we can offer this is that we have no overhead costs as we do not have a storefront location.

Are your 10ml Roller bottles blue glass?

No, they are frosted blue, but they still keep out the harmful UV light that can break down your oils.

What would you use the 5ml Roller bottles for?

We love love love the 5ml roller bottles!! These are perfect for samples! A great inexpensive way to share your favourite essential oil blends with others. Offer them at make and take roller blend classes for those who are hesitant to try a 10ml blend. The 5ml blend is the perfect size for some!

I would like to know more about essentials oils. Where can I go to learn more?

There are many great essential oil companies out there. We love and use essential oils every day. You can learn more here. Also, watch for our blog for interesting tips and uses. 

Can you fit a 10ml Roller bottle in your carrying cases?

Yes, they fit lovely in the 30, 16 and 10 vial cases! We find they do not fit very well in the 40 vial hard top cases. You can get them in there but we do not recommend it.