About Us

Nice to meet you.

My Essential Life provides essential oil products and accessories: better health, better life!

We are Prairie Girls, through and through. Born and raised in Saskatchewan, we know the value of hard work, family and health. We want to share our values with you.

Our journey with essential oils began as many do - with a desire to explore the many gifts of the earth. Essential oils provide a natural support to our health, and to our families. When we began our essential oil business, we recognized a gap that we could fill. Thus began myessentiallife.ca - a site designed to help everyone succeed.

We strive to provide a locally owned, wholesale options for our fellow essential oil distributors at a reasonable price.

Our high-quality products (roller bottles, carrying cases, and aromatherapy jewellery) will be popular with your customers and an excellent complement and extension to your business. Watch our website frequently for new products!

My Essential Life is your essential link to better health, better life!