Stink Be Gone! Quick and Easy for the Busy Mom on the Go

“Moooooommm, I’m thirsty!!!”, the kids echo from the backseat right on cue!  Of course we are on the way to dance, and only 20 minutes away, but those little tummies in the back can’t possibly wait that long!

In true mom fashion, I have a cooler full of healthy snacks and drinks ready to pass back. I grab a bottle of milk and unscrew the lid just a little to help out the little hands waiting impatiently for the drink in the back seat.  Just as I pass it back, I hit a tiny pothole in the highway and lose grip on the bottle....milk splashes all down the seat and into the floor mat! We all know that is going to smell like rotten baby puke before I get a chance to mop it all up! 

Good thing I have my car diffuser attached to the vent...uggg ...I’m going to have to add a couple more drops of balance to ease my nerves to make it the rest of the way to dance, and get my mind off the nasty mess waiting for me when I get there!    

We just added some awesome car diffusers to our product list. Not only are they practical they are pretty too! We have three tree of life styles to choose from.  Amidst all the chaos in the backseat you can gaze down and take a deep breath to take in the beauty and aroma. They are super simple to use too, simply pop open the top and drop the oils on the felt pad, close it up and attach it to a vent.

So ladies and gentlemen, we have your back, another simple way to ease some of the stress of your day! 

We would love to hook you up with some of these sweet diffusers.  Just click HERE and we would also love love love to hear from you!! Contact us anytime!!

Erin and Angela 


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