No Nonsense Hacks for Moms

As a mom, I know we need organization and efficiency...and I also know what we get is chaos and frantic rushing out the door!  Wouldn’t it be awesome if you were prepared and had some control right at your finger tips??  Well, I’m here to let you know that is right within your grasp!

We all want to keep our kids healthy, and I love to do that with Essential Oils.  My house has oils all over...belly blend in the kitchen, stuffy nose blend in Elle’s room, Cedar wood on Sophia’s dresser, InTune on Nick’s desk, and definitely Vetiver on my nightstand.  Chaos right??  NO MORE!  I’m taking a stand!

Carrying Cases to the rescue!  I’m going to grab a case and throw in all the necessities.  No more running around in the middle of the night looking for Breathe because all the oils are in the same spot!!

If I can organize my oils at home, why not on the go too?!! I can throw a smaller case in my purse.  All the oils I need on the go are right at my finger tips!  No more searching to the bottom deep depths of my purse in search of the belly blend, when I look in the rear-view mirror and see my kids are green with car sickness.   

As I sit back feeling pretty proud of my brilliance in organizational skills, I think I need to reward myself. I know! I need an aromatherapy necklace to throw my favourite blend on.  Calm mom, calm kids right!?  I need something to hold it together all day long!  For the kids sake!

We have everything you need right HERE to make your life a little easier.

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