How To Avoid Lice

School Ski Trip....200 kids trying on helmets...noooo!

Our school ski trip was yesterday and we had an amazing day. All three of my kids love going. This was my 6 year old's second time skiing and he rocked it....besides going on the chair lift with Mom and Dad and not getting off at the end and having to be lifted down....I guess he didn't realize that when we told him 10 times on the way up the lift that he would have to stand up and get off, that he would actually have to stand up and get off!! This only happened once of course because after that my husband and I made sure we had his arm to drag him off with us.

But this is email is not about 2 parents getting off the ski lift while their six year old stayed on, it's about how you can take preventative measures to ward off lice when 200 kids are trying on helmets!

The first thing I did was mix up some Lice Be Gone Spray the night before.

Lice Be Gone

8 drops lemongrass essential oil
5 drops geranium essential oil
5 drops peppermint essential oil
5 drops tea tree essential oil
2 drops clove essential oil
Mix in a 15 ml glass bottle and top up with distilled water. 

This can be mixed in our 15ml lotion pump bottles or a 15ml spray bottle (we are working on sourcing spray bottles to add to our store right now!) Shake well and pump one to two pumps in your hands, rub together and run through your child's hair to deter lice.

Preventative tips to avoid getting lice on your school ski trip;

  1. Put a little Lice Be Gone in your child's hair and on their shoulders the morning of.
  2. When trying on multiple helmets make sure you have a toque on! If its too warm for a toque add some extra Lice Be Gone to their hair and cross your fingers and toes!!
  3. After you hand in your helmet do NOT stuff the toque back in the bag with the rest of the jackets and toques but place it in a plastic bag and tie shut. Either wash it when you get home or leave it in the bag for 48 hours. You can also toss the bag in the freezer overnight!
  4. Check through your child's hair, just to be sure. A quick check takes less time then having to treat them and wash all the bedding in your house!!
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Make sure to save this picture of our Lice Be Gone recipe! You can put a little in your kids hair every morning before school as well!
Don't have the oils you need?  Find them here. 

Do you have any tips on how to avoid lice? Or maybe some parenting tips so I don't leave my 6 year old on the chair lift again?? 

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